Homestead Houses of the Unit Block of South Durham Street

Baltimore, MD  21231



                                                                        December 5, 2006



The Hon. Senator Barbara Mikulski

Baltimore Office

Brown's Wharf
1629 Thames Street, Suite 400
Baltimore, Maryland 21231


Dear Senator Mikulski:


In the mid-seventies, as an energetic a member of the Baltimore City Council, you were instrumental in saving Fells Point from being leveled for a highway project.  In addition to protecting a historic neighborhood from immediate destruction, you promoted community restoration through urban homesteading.  Our block is currently a model alley, thanks largely to your tireless efforts:  eight nineteenth-century houses facing a vest-pocket park (maintained by homeowners and tenants) with assigned parking spaces.


We come to you now because our block is at immediate risk: a private property owner seeks to buy up some or all of the city property comprising the park in order to establish a parking place for a large refurbished house (without parking) on Wolfe Street.  Because our historic easement was executed on a handshake, we fear that the city may sell off our park before our voices are heard.


Attached please find communications to city and state officials, explaining our plight in more detail.  We hope you may once again bring your well-earned and continuing influence to bear for the safety and prosperity of your home town (and neighborhood).  


Yours sincerely,


Homestead Houses:

Glendora L. Finch                                         Jerry Withers, C.P.A.

6 South Durham Street                                 20 (20-22) South Durham Street

(Original Homesteader)                               (Owner since 2005)

410-767-1687 (until 3 p.m.)                                   24 (24-26) South Durham Street

410-276-5101 (evenings)                            (Owner since 2001)


Avon Kendrick                                               Nancy West, M.S.

10 (8-10) South Durham Street                   28 South Durham Street      

(Owner since 2004)                                      (Owner since 2001)



Lorie A. Mayorga, J.D.                                 Patrick T. Boyle, A.A.S.

12 (12-14) South Durham Street                 30 South Durham Street

(Owner since 1992)                                      (Owner since 1987)

410-767-1855 (office)

410-537-5011 (home)


Calvin Brooks

16 (16-18) South Durham Street

(Original Homesteader)